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Top-notch telemedical services for happy, healthy and productive employees

Happy and engaged employees thanks to workplace health management
We’re supporting companies to take care of their employees' health and well-being. We offer cost efficient remote healthcare with a high convenience factor and top medical quality. By customizing our Medgate App to your needs, you can improve employee satisfaction and efficiency.

Product offering for Employers and Brokers

Medgate provides telemedical consultations with e-prescriptions
Telemedical services
  • Medical AI supported triage models
  • Medical consultations available 24/7 with scheduling up to 48 h in advance
  • Video and phone consultations
  • E prescriptions, treatment plans and doctor referrals
Various services of Medgate can be used as fringe benefits
Fringe benefits
  • Hotlines for working parents, 2nd opinions and burnouts
  • Emergency management
  • Services for business travelers and families
  • Access to specialist network
  • Individual checkups and analysis
  • Vaccination advice & administration
Medgate offers digital treatment plans
Consulting and planning
  • Custom health planning for companies
  • Pandemic management
  • Health events, lectures and seminars
  • Staff training
Telemedical programs for discharge and rehabilitation management are part of Medgate’s services
Disease and rehabilitation management
  • Support programs (e.g. for migraine sufferers)
  • Telemedical follow up care after hospitalization or prolonged illnesses
  • Chronic disease management

Benefits for Employers and Brokers

  • Cost-efficient medical care
  • Increased employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Decreased sickness rate
  • Reduced absence time until return to work

Key figures


Medgate is a digital health pioneer with 21 years of experience
years of experience


Digital health can be very cost effective
Service costs reduction  


Telemedical consultations help patients conclusively in half of the cases
telecare rate


The Medgate App has a high rating among patients
app rating 
Medgate is a reliable partner with 20 years of experience in telemedicine and digital health

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As a telemedicine and digital health pioneer with 21 years of experience, we are a reliable and innovative partner. We look forward to your contact.