Solutions & Products for Insurers and Payors

Paving the way for cost effective, easy and high quality medical care

Telephone consultation with a patient for after-care after a hospital stay
We’re helping insurers and payors to deliver the highest standards of medical quality while focusing on cost efficiency. Building tailor made solutions to achieve safe and optimal medical care from prevention to remission as well as an increased customer satisfaction.

Product offering for Insurers and Payors

Medgate offers AI supported triage models for healthcare

AI supported Triage models

  • Telfirst triage
  • Triage for hospital cases
  • First aid cases

Medgate provides telemedical consultations with e-prescriptions

Telemedical consultations

  • Video-consultations
  • E-prescriptions
  • Treatment plan

Medgate offers telemedical chronic disease management

Chronic disease management

  • Migraine
  • Back pain
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Psychologist / Psychiatric remote monitoring

Telemedical programs for discharge and rehabilitation management are part of Medgate’s services

Discharge and rehabilitation management

  • Post operational monitoring
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Cancer rehabilitation

Benefits for Insurers and Payors

Digital health insurance models can be very cost effective
Cost effectiveness
  • Service costs reduction by 12-17%
  • Completion of treatments in telemedical settings in 50% of all cases
  • Higher customer satisfaction, more customers
Medgate provides telemedical consultations with e-prescriptions
Highest medical quality
  • Unexpected outcome: 2.7/100'000
  • Malpractice: 0.8/100’000
  • No liability claims so far (after 9M teleconsultations)
Teleconsultations with doctors are available around the clock
  • Medical consultations available 24/7 with scheduling up to 48h in advance
  • 94% patient satisfaction
  • Data Security
  • During COVID19 the number of contacts grew +100% without affecting the quality of the medical services provided
Medgate offers various innovative products for insurances
Constant driver of innovation
  • Medgate Mini Clinic concept started in 2017
  • Launch of Medgate AI, first AI medical chatbot in Switzerland, in 2019

Key figures


Medgate is a digital health pioneer with 21 years of experience
years of experience


Medgate reports more than 10 million teleconsultations since the year 2000
patient consultations since 2000


Medgate has up to 7000 telephone or video calls with patients daily
contacts per day


Telemedical consultations help patients conclusively in half of the cases
telecare rate

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Medgate is a reliable partner with 20 years of experience in telemedicine and digital health

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As a telemedicine and digital health pioneer with 21 years of experience, we are a reliable and innovative partner. We look forward to your contact.