Solutions & Products for Medical Service Providers

Seamless integration of telemedical services to optimize time, resources and processes

Doctor in hospital having a teleconsultation with a patient
As a telemedicine and digital health pioneer with 20 years of experience, we offer our expertise and services specially tailored to the needs of doctors and hospitals. Our solutions allow to implement telemedicine services and digital tools such as AI based triage recommendation to provide simple and fast access to medical services as well as to optimize cost efficiency.

Product offering for Medical Service Providers

Medgate gives software support for integrating telemedicine solutions
Software support
  • White label mobile application
  • Patient Management System
  • Integration to existing operating systems
  • Seamless integration to Electronic Health Records
  • Operated platform option
Telemedicine helps with an effective and efficient triage
Triage and control
  • Emergency call service
  • AI based triage for patient flow optimization
  • Emergency triage
  • Online booking platform
  • Targeted hospitalization
  • Access to a wide network of medical service providers within the Medgate Partner Network
Telemedicine is suitable for after-care and rehabilitation
Bridging the inpatient outpatient divide
  • Post and pre operative monitoring
  • Teletherapy offers for after care
  • Lab at home services
  • Disease management & rehabilitation programs
Medgate offers doctor trainings, peak management and patient referrals as part of digital solutions
Additional services
  • Peak management by taking over teleconsultations with our expert doctors
  • Doctor trainings based on telemedical guidelines and 20 years of experience to form telemedicine specialists
  • Patient referral to your hospitals during teleconsultations when necessary

Benefits for Medical Service Providers

  • Patients triage to reduce affluence of non-critical cases limiting exposure to illness and infections
  • Supplementary revenue stream for doctors by providing care to additional patients
  • Minimized overhead expenses with reduced need of front desk support and administrative tasks
  • Patient satisfaction thanks to patient friendly experience and less waiting time
  • Load lightening for out-of-office hours (nights, weekends, holidays)

Key figures


Medgate is a digital health pioneer with 20 years of experience
years of experience


Medgate reports more than 10 million teleconsultations since the year 2000
patient consultations since 2000


Medgate has up to 7000 telephone or video calls with patients daily
contacts per day


Digital health insurance models can be very cost effective
service costs reduction
Medgate is a reliable partner with 20 years of experience in telemedicine and digital health

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As a telemedicine and digital health pioneer with 21 years of experience, we are a reliable and innovative partner. We look forward to your contact.