Solutions & Products for Pharmaceutical Companies

Streamlined access to patients for faster clinical trials

With digital health solutions Medgate offers a novel approach to clinical trials
We offer pharmaceutical companies a novel approach to clinical trials and provide a faster, easier and cost efficient access to patients. Digital health solutions can help pharmaceutical companies develop direct relationships with patients through more seamless digital communications. Furthermore, this type of real world data can provide additional insights into the patient experience and can assist pharmaceutical companies in developing new and better therapeutics.

Product offering for Pharmaceutical Companies

Medgate offers new digital programs for patient recruitment for clinical trials
Patient recruitment for clinical trials
  • AI supported selection of patients
  • Basic data analysis of existing patient pool
  • Patient engagement
  • Chronic care management
Medgate provides telemedical support for decentralized clinical trials
Support for decentralized clinical trials
  • Alternative remote patient recruitment through telemedical services
  • Telemonitoring and teleconsultations
  • Telemonitoring for treatment
  • Technical support for telemedical device
Medgate offers an interdisciplinary referral network for connecting medical service providers
Access to local doctors and nurse network
  • Patient referral system
  • Specialist doctor visits
  • Mobile nurses for at home diagnosis
Medgate gives software support for integrating telemedicine solutions
Software support
  • Patient Management System
  • AI chatbot
  • Integration to Electronic Health Records
  • Integration to existing core system

Benefits for Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Efficient patients recruitment
  • Time and cost savings thanks to completion of treatments in telemedical settings in 50% of all cases and service costs reduction by 12-17%
  • Safer access to clinical trials by lessening affluence to hospitals
  • Improved outcomes with a more personalized approach
  • Connection building to patients
Medgate is a reliable partner with 20 years of experience in telemedicine and digital health

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